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Anna Marczak
Giże 41 19-411 Świętajno woj.warmińsko- mazurskie

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Stop by and admire God's beautiful world. Live in peace with other people and nature. Make yourself at home in this welcoming and warm place for recreation, intellectual work and healthy lifestyle. It is this perspective of the world we share with every visitor who comes to our doorstep.

We welcome you. Anna and Lech Marczak.

  Estate Giże is situated in the village of Giże, 6.4 km from the town of Olecko, in the hilly part of the Mazury region. It is a beautiful post-glacial area, which includes a vast amount of lakes and hilly countryside. Nearby sits the deepest lake in Poland, called Hańcza, having a depth of over 108 metres! The tallest hills are Szeska Góra to the north of Olecko, Piękna Góra near Gołdap and Cisowa Góra in the Suwałki National Park.

Our estate takes up an area of 20.81 hectares. The farmland is used for growing wheat, vegetables, fruit trees and hazelnuts. The farm itself is run by ecological methods and has a certificate of ecological farm work received in 1999. In an area of about 1.23 hectares there is a fruit orchard, hazelnut grove and a raspberry plot. A conifer forest takes up part of this area.

A big attraction is the lake. You can bathe in it, sail by boat or kayak, fish and be amazed by the wonderful reeds surrounding the lake.

On the estate you will find two new spacious buildings devoted to the accommodation of our guests with cosily equipped rooms and apartments.

There is also the chimney hall, which is an ideal place for social gatherings, conferences especially in the wintertime.

Our houses characterise the old style and elements of architecture particular to the Mazury region, for example: jerking head roofs covered in original red tiles from the beginning of the 20th Century, ornamental windows and clinker bricks set into the house façade.

An ecological material called ecofibre, produced in Poland, is used to heat the houses. This type of heating is commonly used in Scandinavian buildings. The houses are equipped with Vigas log fired central heating boilers. Log fires are burnt at a high temperature and release a pleasant fragrance of timber.

The estate is equipped with its own thick-reed ecological sewer system of an area of 350 m2 .

A huge attraction, particularly in wintertime, is the sauna situated on the edge of the lake.

A fence surrounds the whole estate. The driveway onto the courtyard from the country lane has an entrance gate in manor style. On the approach there is a retaining wall made of country square fieldstone, which is characteristic of the Mazurian landscape. Further, there are footpaths for walks and the enjoyment of nature. On hot summer days one can sunbathe on the small pier and in winter warm up at the fireplace in the beach house.

Children here are in paradise. They can use the big play area with lots of recreational amenities. There is a holiday school with benches and blackboard, a ping-pong table, table football, outdoor chess, netball and badminton court, bikes, tricycles and a giant trampoline!

We serve excellent regional dishes for our guests. Many of them are prepared from organic products of a high nutritional value.

Our estate has received great recognition. The prizes we have won in countrywide competitions prove this: Green Summer and Gold Perch – First Prize in Poland for the best and most beautiful eco-tourist farm.

We whole-heartedly welcome you to our family estate, either in organised groups or as individual guests. Everyone here will experience peace, silence and the beauty of undisturbed nature, our friendliness and also will have the chance to see one of the most beautiful parts of Poland – Mazury.

Anna and Lech Marczak and their children warmly welcome you. Ostatnia zmiana: 24 lutego 2007 w@m